About CRE

Cyrusic Real Estate (CRE) Uganda is a blog about helping you to invest in Uganda in three steps by buying, developing and renting real estate while building the nation. It’s written by a Facilities Manager / Property Manager who has gained valuable knowledge in the Uganda real estate industry for the last 15 years. His aim is to share both his mistakes and the successful guidelines that he has learnt and applied. His hope is that YOU, the international real estate investors and Ugandans in the diaspora can implement these winning real estate investing strategies back home to become real estate millionaires while building the nation Uganda.

CRE’s Dedication
We are dedicated to serve YOU, the Real Estate Investor or a Ugandan in the Diaspora on information regarding when, how and where to invest in three steps: buying, developing and renting Properties and land in Uganda.

Read CRE Real Estate Blog and the property listing for new houses and land on the market.
We recommend you to check our Uganda Real estate blog as often as you can, to learn about investing in Uganda real estate but to also feel free to check CRE Property Listings about Houses for rent, Land for sale and Properties for sale in Uganda produced from our Real estate agent partners.
CRE’s Real Estate partners.
We have trustable partners in the Ugandan real estate industry. These partners consist of Professional Estate Lawyers, Real Estate Companies, Real Estate Developers, House Whole Salers, Hardwares Companies, Transporting Cars, Plumbers, Metal Fabricators, Woodwork Carpenters, Real Estate Managers, Paver Makers and Layers, Brick layers, Electricians, Civil engineers, Bio Digester Planters, Quantity Surveyors, Land Surveyors, Architectures, Real Estate Brokers/Agents, Physical Planners, Contractors, Value Appraisers, Property Managers, Compound Designers, Painters and Builders who we can connect to/with you to make a legal check up and make sure that your investment/asset is clean, genuine and of that value, status, look and location before and after you make it an investment.

Contact us at info@cyrusicrealestate.com for real estate advice, information or connection you need and we shall be happy to help you to Invest in Uganda. /CRE